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"They rely on to do the taxi company? But what got the taxi license plate? It involves the relationship between patron and is worthy of attention. Second question: difficult temptation of profits in? The reason too difficult, of course, there is a huge temptation, then there's profits actually reached number? Among these respective parties accounted for what percentage? Is not that there is a public accounts to the general public an explanation. Three questions: difficult in the political governance of the lazy? From the official explanation, the reason for the implementation of company management, the main reason is to strengthen the management of that market liberalization will increase the difficulty of management. This is indeed a reason, is a problem, but it can not be the responsibility of the relevant departments in order to mitigate, especially should not sacrifice the interests of the people, this approach is part of a lazy government? Four questions: difficult concept of governmen t services lag? This is a critical issue, as the taxi industry management department, exactly what should be the highest purpose? Is to facilitate the people, or to facilitate the tube. According to experts, statistics, Beijing reached about 100,000 black car number. 60,000 out of a taxi, the taxi is actually 160,000, indicating that demand. Why not let the number of government control? Why not find a way to respond to this huge public demand? Now, the People's Daily has an explicit proposal to cancel the taxi company profits model is essentially a strong response to the Third Plenary Session of market reforms determinism, said authorities do not have any reaction and movement it? In the interests of balance problems, a few vested interests and consumers, the drivers compared to its fair reflects how? Is a question worth pondering. Death of migrant workers pay talks should reflect the four policy year is approaching, comes in a think tank devoted to cultural seminars new era of labor relations at the current situation and how to deal with it, the end of the issue of migrant workers pay talks once again become the focus of attention."
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