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the Internet and malicious speculation
"The court found that the defendant institution to take bribes sales, a huge amount of bribes. 2014, defendant units to non-national staff of bribery and sentenced to a fine 3 billion yuan, the defendant Make Rui (British nationality) was sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for four years, and impose deportation. Other defendants were sentenced to prison. [Rumor typical: Qin fire fire, border] supreme law: 14, Qin Qin Fire Fire Fire Fire Case Qin Zhihui real name. November 2012 to August 2013, Qin Zhihui using social hot events speculation, fabricated and spread through the microblogging lot of false information, including the fabrication of July 2011? 23 Yongwen line motor car accident Central Railways to pay 30 million foreign tourists killed Euro high compensation, fabricated plot luxury living Lei Feng, disinformation local civil servants were forced donations to the Red Cross and the Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Charity system to malicious attacks and so on. 2014, Qin Zhihui libel was sentenced to two years in order to disturb the crime was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months, graft decided to implement three years in prison. 15, real name Dong Rubin border border cases. March 2011 to May 2013, Dong Rubin for commercial purposes, Li Moumou, who accepted the commission, and the organization of the defendant invited Hou Peng et al., Fictional facts, fabricate posts, through the Internet and malicious speculation, accepting principal 345,000 yuan. April 2014, the defendant was sentenced to death Lien green. "
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